a 26-year old self-taught cook, baker and lover of edibles.

My love of eating has been with me since I was really young, but my love for cooking started just a few years ago. I laced up my travelling boots while I was at university and seized every chance and penny to set foot in new places. Cooking became my way of recreating and swimming in memories, moods and places, whether it be a toasty log cabin breakfast in Norway, a delectable balcony lunch in downtown Beirut or an idyllic sunlit feast on a quiet harbour in Greece. It's my firm-held belief that food is the nuts and bolts of all culture, and you can understand a lot about the world through eating. This idea is the heartbeat of my cooking. It determines what I cook every day and the way I feed the people in my life.

After years of practising at home, I raised my cooking game and auditioned for television cookery competitions. I first took aim at the Great British Bakeoff, making it to the final pool of thirty contestants from 12,000 applicants. Later that year, my luck changed when I was selected to be a contestant on Series 14 of MasterChef UK. With a repertoire of multi-national dishes, I progressed through the competition to the final 10 out of 56 contestants. Staying true to my style, I presented dishes from some of my favourite regions around the world: the Middle-East, the American Deep South, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and special dishes from my very own homeland in the North-East of England.

Now I'm working as a chef at a restaurant in Leeds city centre and continuing what I most enjoy - cooking. I dedicate my time to hunting new dishes, discovering their authentic recipes and unravelling their historical origins. Here on my website, I consolidate all of my work, from recipes and travel nuggets, to podcasts and event information. You can also follow weekly video tutorials and commentary of my favourite recipes and travels via my Instagram Story, featured on my Instagram page: @anthonyshock