My excitement to eat has been beside me since I was really young, but my love for cooking started just a few years ago. After leaving university I first laced up my travelling boots and have seized every chance and penny to experience new places. Cooking became my way of recreating and relishing the memories I made, and it allowed me to communicate the moods and feelings those memories were packaged with. I have a firm belief that food is the nuts and bolts of society and culture, and you can understand a lot about people from the way they cook and eat. This belief is the heartbeat of my cooking style. It determines what I cook every day and the way I feed the people in my life.

I am a self-taught cook, turned chef, turned cookery teacher. After years of travel and home cooking, I raised my cooking game and auditioned for TV cookery competitions. I first took aim at the Great British Bakeoff, making it to the final pool of thirty contestants from 12,000 applicants. Later that year, my luck changed when I was selected to be a contestant on Series 14 of MasterChef UK. With a repertoire of multi-national dishes, I progressed through the competition to the semi-final stages of the competition. Staying true to my style, I presented dishes from some of my favourite regions around the world: the Middle-East, the American Deep South, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and treasured dishes from my homeland in the North-East of England.

After MasterChef, I worked as sous chef for an independent restaurant in Leeds city centre. I began demonstrating recipes at various food shows around the country and discovered the live thrill of cookery demonstration and entertainment. I decided to take a teaching position within Leeds Cookery School and Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Leeds, where I currently work full-time as a cookery demonstrator. All profit made from our classes is used to subsidise cookery courses in deprived areas of Leeds. My work allows me to meet people from every background, introduce them to cooking and enable them to be their best. I love it! In my spare time I continue to hunt new dishes and unravel their historical origins. Here on my website, I consolidate some of my work, from my favourite recipes and cookery tips, to podcasts and event information.