Here is a list of events and services I have experience with. If you wish to contact me for any enquires, please do so via my Contact page. 


'@anthonyshock BAKERY'

I'm a skilled baker with 6 years of experience in making cakes, pastries and breads. I am self-taught from home and was a hopeful for 2017's series of the Great British Bakeoff, making it to the final pool of 30 contestants from 14,000 applicants! My baking style is rustic, exotic and never prissy or delicate - no sugarcraft daisies! My number one priority is flavour and mouthfeel - and that is my guarantee to you!

I have a portfolio of signature bakes which I am happy to make on demand for pick-up: some of my most popular items being Newcastle Brown Ale Chocolate Fudge Cake; Spiced Beetroot Cake with White Chocolate Frosting; Digestive Cake; Sticky Chocolate Oat Cake; Polish Honey Cake; Lemon & Olive Oil Cake; Norwegian Cream Cake; Mexican Triple Milk Cake (Tres Leches); Ooey Gooey Butter Cake; Finnish Butter Buns. I currently sell these items to cafés in Leeds city centre on a weekly basis. If you would like me to make you something particular for an occasion, please get in touch via my Contact page for a discussion.


live cookery demonstration

One of my favourite activities is demonstrating the thrills of cooking to a live audience. As a cookery demonstrator within Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Leeds and Leeds Cookery School, I have had excellent training in delivering live cookery to an audience. I have previously demonstrated at large food festivals such as Living North Live in Newcastle, West Dean Chilli Fiesta in West Sussex and Otley Food Festival in Yorkshire. My demonstrations are accessible and adaptable for any demographic and skill level. I typically present exotic dishes that inspire intrigue, or modern ways of creating old classics. I experienced with championing particular ingredients and providing an audience with entertaining and well-informed commentary over the dish and its historical origins and context. I have performed solo and as a double-act with my friend Sweta Chowdhury. I also post short, improvised cooking tutorials regularly on my Instagram page: @anthonyshock

private cooking & catering

I have previously catered private dining events for small family events and corporate events. I am a registered private chef in association with AmoChef, covering nationwide locations and offering a range of internationally-inspired menus for small and large groups of people.

I am happy to cater a specific menu or adapt a special menu for a special dietary need. I can cater for any cuisine, though my specialities lie within British & Irish, Spanish & Latin American, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Regional American Cuisine. If you'd like my skills, get in touch via my Contact page.

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recipe & menu development

I have previously worked in partnership with:

ASDA - collaboration with ASDA in promoting the Middlesbrough Chicken Parmo, as made on MasterChefUK (Series 18 - Episode 5). Collaborated in the creation of the 'Parmo Aisle', available for a limited period in selected ASDA stores on Teesside. 

TINE Norway - championing the intriguing Norwegian Brunost cheese, which I used in my Norwegian Plukkfisk on MasterChefUK (Series 18 - Episode 14.) In partnership with TINE, Norway's flagship dairy producer, I developed recipes using Brunost cheese for Norway's Constitution Day event in the UK.