Anthony O’Shaughnessy.

Chef, Baker and Cookery Teacher.

My excitement for food has been beside me since I was really young, but my love for cooking started only a few years ago. After leaving university I made it my crusade to travel and experience new places. I saved every spare penny, laced up my boots and explored over 30 countries completely on my own. Cooking became my way of recreating and relishing the memories I made, and it enabled me to communicate my experiences to those who hadn’t shared them. I have a firm belief that food is the blueprint of any culture and society, and sharing these details with others is a wonderful form of international relations. This belief is the pulse of my cooking style. It determines what I cook every day, where I travel and the way I feed the people in my life.

I am a self-taught cook, turned chef, turned cookery teacher, originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. After years of travel and home cooking, I auditioned for TV cookery competitions. I applied for The Great British Bakeoff, making it to the final pool of thirty applicants from 14,000 hopefuls that year. Later that year, my luck changed when I was selected to be a contestant on Series 14 of MasterChef UK. With a repertoire of multi-national dishes, I progressed through to the semi-final stages of the competition. I presented dishes from some of my favourite regions around the world: the Middle-East, the American Deep South, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and treasured dishes from my homeland in the North-East of England.

After MasterChef, I left my career in the ambulance service and moved to Leeds, where I trained as a sous chef in a busy independent restaurant. I began demonstrating my recipes at various food shows around the country and discovered the thrill of cookery demonstration and live entertainment. After realising my love for teaching, I left the kitchen and took a position within Leeds Cookery School and Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Leeds, where I currently work full-time as a cookery demonstrator. My work allows me to meet people from all backgrounds and abilities - my job is to bring out the best in them! I really love what I do.

In my spare time I continue to travel, hunt new dishes and unravel their historical origins. Here on my website, I consolidate some of my work, from my favourite recipes and tips, to services and event information.